Insights and Data Visualization 

Intelligent Analytics

The Intelligent Analytics module (IA) enables businesses to visually organize and be reactive to both contact and business wide data. With action-based dashboards, automated discovery, and data storytelling tools, businesses are able to innovate with data to optimize business processes and serve customers better.


With a comprehensive collection of cusomizable default realtime dashboards and reports,  businesses can use information to drive service and performance in the organisation.


ContactQ Analytics helps business users to deliver and collaborate on analytics intelligence with interactive visualizations supporting 50 chart types, from trellis charts to GIS maps and infographics.

Analytics Queue Report 1

Business Intelligence

The Analytics module provides businesses with all the tools required to drive transformational value. Easily link the ContactQ analytics platform with business systems to provide intelligence led action-based dashboards, automated discovery, and data storytelling that easily allows users to create new ways to engage with and act on data.


Product Highlights

Campaigns are designed to be simple out of the box but are flexible enough to provide simple solutions to complex business challenges.

Designed for Usability

User oriented design and developer tools, to easily create highly customised dashboards to satisfy analytics requirements across the entire business.

Dahsboards and Reports

Over 150 default real-time dashboards and reports set the business up to be able to visualise and manage comples communications strategies.

Embed and Collaborate

Visual entities can be embedded into applications and interfaces. Collaborate on data drivent insights with colleagues across the business  

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