ContactQ Releases v5.4


Braxtel Releases v5.4 including a new desktop UX. 

Agent Desktop is a new UI experience for call-center agents and that is run on either Windows or MacOS Operating systems. It controls aspects of call center activity from a user’s perspective.

The Agent Console is designed to handle all contact center interations within a single desktop experience, including multiple concurrent calls of any type – chat and voice in v5.0 and email in a version later this year. The application itself is simple to use and secured through HTTPS to ensure data is securely transmitted to and from the application.

The user experience provides a familiar and simple transition for existing Agent Console users as well as a single unified media handling applications for new users of the platform.

Build in telephony enables users to work using a single application without the overhead of additional hardware or soft-phones.



New features include:
Built in Softphone (WebRTC.) The Agent Console and Agent Desktop both allow users to make calls directly in either the browser or from the desktop application itself. With the ability to choose a preferred mic or headphone device ContactQ enables users to get up and running quickly with almost no installation overhead.

System Enhancements – additional system enhancements are included in v5.4 such as the ability to suspend a queued call whilst retaining its position in queue to allow users the ability to choose from additional options when they are about to be connected to an agent. Additionally there are other UX enhancements to the usability of the agent applications that both existing and new users will benefit from.





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