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A History Of Braxtel

Braxtel Communications was founded in 1997 as an ISV solutions provider based in the Ireland. Since then it has evolved into a  customer contact solutions software manufacturer whose product portfolio enables organizations to more easily, effectively and economically manage their customer interactions inbound or outbound across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat and social media. 

ContactQ is the platform name for Braxtel products.  The product portfolio has been carefully designed to be simple to administer and provide a seamless consistent experience for both customer and internal platform user.

Braxtel delivers all of its products and services exclusively through a network of worldwide business partners and invest extensively in this global Channel strategy. 

Braxtel has continued to grow its global operations as well as delivering contact center solutions around the world. 

In December 2002 Braxtel was acquired by Homisco Inc, an established telecommunications supplier of hardware and software solutions. Braxtel operates as a subsidiary of Homisco with continued focus on the sale and support of its technology in the U.S. and Europe. 

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