Dialer, Campaigns and Flexible Outbound Applications


Braxtel releases v5.1 ContactQ.

Included in this release is a Dialler and campaign application management providing capabilities to generate a campaign contact list, create, run, and re-run campaigns. 

  • Manage and automate outbound dialling campaigns – Preview, Progressive and Agentless
  • Supports blended call centres. Agents can be assigned to handle both inbound and outbound calls with priorities and skills.
  • Previewing campaigns enable agents to choose when and whether or not to proceed with the outbound contacts.
  • Time-plan based campaigns. Campaigns can be configured to run according to a time-based schedule. 
  • Map agent outcome codes to retry policies to schedule call backs, or automated retries  
  • Monitoring of campaigns – filtering for dashboard and reports
  • Flexible call flow management enables creative campaigns to be generated, especially useful for automation of agentless campaigns or interfaces with external business systems.
  • Campaigns offer calls to agents using the ACD queueing mechanism, presents the contact record detail, and optionally allows a fixed amount of time for the agent to preview the record.
  • Initiates a call to the contact if an agent accepts the call.
  • Allow an agent to schedule a call back in the event of reaching a contact at a busy time. The scheduled call is a special type of retry.
  • Allow an agent to set up retry attempts for an unsuccessful call, attempt placing the contact attempt back into the campaign contact list. The retry call is offered to any available agent or specific agent if required at a retry time interval configured by a retry policy.
  • Allow a supervisor to access real-time campaign statistics, campaign status, and generate historical reports exclusive to campaigns.


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