Braxtel is delighted to announce the release of ContactQ v4.7


This version offers High Availability as – an Active/Standby two node cluster configuration. This option requires a High Availability license.


An Active/Standby configuration comprises of two synchronized ContactQ instances. One ContactQ instance handles operational traffic (Active), whilst the other is in the Standby state. The Standby instance configuration, statistics and reporting data are all synchronized in real time with the Active instance which helps to facilitate a rapid recovery in the event of active to standby failover.


When HA is enabled, the two contact center instances in a cluster are linked with either being capable of acting as either the Active or Standby depending on the how originating network traffic is being routed.


All activity data, configuration, plugins and call flow media files are replicated from Active to Standby


HA Cluster

High Availability



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