Braxtel Release v5 including a brand new browser based UX. 

Agent Console is an all new UI experience for call-center agents that is run within a browser. It controls aspects of call center activity from a user’s perspective. The Agent Console only requires a modern supported browser and a phone (either a physical of soft SIP phone).

The Agent Console is designed to handle all contact center interations within a single desktop experience, including multiple concurrent calls of any type – chat and voice in v5.0 and email in a version later this year. The application itself is simple to use and secured throught HTTPS to ensure data is securely transmitted to and from the console.

New features include:
Zero Installation – browse and go. The Console requires no software to be installed other than a moder up to date brower that will run the application. The Consoe is simple to configure networking wise, externally and internally using standard HTTS. System updates do not require users to update anything on their workstations / PCs.

Responsive User experience. Responsive means that the applications will adjust how it behaves accoring to the browser’s view port (screen size). The console is designed to be contracted and expanded as the user requires.


Post Agent Call Handling

Post call handling enables the automation of call flow after an agent drops out a conversation enabling callers or called parties to be routed to surveys, payment taking applications and other customer – business interactions.

Post call flows behave almost identially to main call flows. All call flow actions that are available in a main flow and be also used in a post call flow – for instance calls can be requeued or IVR interactions such as plugin integrations with external business systems are all possible within post call flows.

Multiple Gateways

Multiple outbound gateways enable dialling out over different gateways based on dial rules. Dialled numbers can be transformed before they are dialled using outbound number transformation rules at the gateway level.


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