Outbound Campaigns

Preview, Progressive, Agentless and Automation with the flexibility to create excellent business solutions.

Flexible Outbound Solutions

ContactQ Dialler provides multiple flexible ways of creating and running outbound campaigns. Campaigns are flexible applications that can be used for many different use-cases from following up leads, reaching out to customers, automating messages or confirming appointments, generating  SMS alerts and interacting with external business systems.

Preview and Progressive Modes

Campaigns can present calls to users  based on flexible time and date rules using the ContactQ ACD. This allows inbound and dialer calls to be blended and prioritized according to best business pracise. A screen pop presents a contacts accounts details in time for an agent to prepare before handling the call. Previewing allows a fixed amount of time for the agent to preview the record before either accepting the contact or postponing it accordingly.

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Agentless Applications


Campaigns are able to run as agentless applications, in fact they do not even need to create phone calls. Whether you required the flexibility to automate outbound voice messages for the purpose of information or confirmation, or to dispatch multiple SMS messages or if you have a complex business problem to solve based on a collection of campaign contacts, ContactQ Campaigns can provide a solution.


Product Highlights

Campaigns are designed to be simple out of the box but are flexible enough to provide simple solutions to complex business challenges.

Preview Dialling

Previewing allows users to view and accept a dialer call when ready. Preview Contacts can be postponed until a later time.

Progressive Campaigns

Progressive campaigns screenpop and present new calls when available to agents when previewing is not needed or to optimise time utilisation.

Agentless Applications

Informational calls or alerts can be made to external parties using either phone calls, external services or APIs. Agentless calls can be later queued to agents.

Retry Management

Flexible retry handling based on either a call flow / dialer result or agent disposition enables contacts to be called again if a primary attempt is unsuccessful.

Do Not Call Lists (DNC)

To ensure that customers who have opted out of being contacted are not bothered, camapaigns can take advantage of flexible DNC lists to filter our contact numbers.

Blending Calls

Agents can be members of both campaigns and inbound queues. Where this is the case, prioritization, skill sets and flexible routing ensures that calls are handled optimally for your business.

Performance Analytics

Analyse the performance of campaigns in realtime. See how many contacts were reached and how they responded to your campaign. Drill into your campaign outcome history to analyse how your campaigns and agents are performing.

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