Covid 19 - Response And Continuity

Braxtel's Responses to Covid 19, Business Continuity Planning

Covid19 Response and Continuity

At Braxtel, we closely monitor the ongoing global repercussions of COVID-19. We’re focused on keeping our employees safe and also have an important role to play in helping  our customers and partners with their business continuity plans.

Businesses depend on our technology solutions to communicate, collaborate and stay connected while minimizing risks to safety and health. It’s our priority to enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any supported device so they can continue to remain productive in their daily business activities.

We are committed to keeping our services  up and running for our customers irrespective of external circumstances.

We have in place business-continuity and technology plans backed by our cloud solution and data centers which allows us to operate without disruption to our service.


Business Continuity Planning

We are a cloud communications company servicing a globally distributed customer base.

Our commitment to our customers and partner is to virtually manage business continuity challenges – both for ourselves and our customers. Our systems and hosting infrastructure are designed such that they ensure that our solutions are resilient to interruption and available to customers.



Resilient Infrastructure

Braxtel’s communications platform is designed to be resilient and run in the cloud, with a high degree of redundancy and geographic fail-over capabilities to minimize disruptions.

At Braxtel, our customers’ success is our top priority. Along with our resilient hosting infrastructure, we are ready to respond to our customers’ needs with technical support teams located around the world, including the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. We have plans, processes and teams in place to ensure our customers’ success.

If you’re not currently a customer and need a way to stay connected during times like these, please contact us to see how we can help your business.



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