How 2020 Changed the Contact Centre World For Ever


During recent years companies have started the move towards Cloud Services, with benefits of reduced IT infrastructure and reduced capital costs.

One significant change that Covid brought to the world was the demand for new and more flexible working arrangements. Home working was not previously a common requirement for businesses and certainly not one that that was encouraged. In March 2020 Braxtel were inundated with requests from business asking how they could maintain business continuity with the new WFH arrangements.

Unsurprisingly, on surveying Braxtel’s customers now, we find that many companies and particularly their staff have adapted very well to the new
arrangements. Even more surprising for many businesses is just how productive staff are and how they have been able to focus, in their new Environment.

This has driven companies to look at ways that they can continue to offer the benefits of home working such as removing commute times and costs, and gaining a better work life balance along with the team gains from working alongside colleagues, collaboration and mentoring and the social gain.  It has also allowed staff to consider that the location of the company is less important regarding job choices as they are no longer tied to the immediate geographical area.

New working patterns are emerging with Hybrid Roles being created allowing staff to combine home and office working arrangement such as 3/2 working patterns, for example. Contact Center staff can now work seamlessly between home and office, logging in effortlessly irrespective of where they are based today.

The consensus at the moment seems to be that things will not return to exactly how they used to be.

Braxtel has taken these changes in the contact center as a catalyst, so that one strand of our development plan is around optimizing the agent experience so that the single interface used for delivering calls, chats and CRM information becomes even easier to use, For Example, when the teams were Office centric, it was easy to see what was happening around the place via shared wallboards and , whereas now the Agent interface includes visibility of things like Queue Stats and response times, and chat between Agents can help substitute the water cooler chats.

Additionally, Braxtel expect to further enhance tools around collaboration and coaching and monitoring, more designed for distributed workforces where staff development remains all important, whatever the current challenges faced

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