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The platform for creating great user communications experiences

Cloud Contact Center

Unified Inbound and outbound multi channel experience.Encrypted and cloud based PCI compliant call recording. High availability and scaleable to 500 agents per instance.


Flexible dialing options with preview, progressive and agentless modes.

Live Chat

Chat enable your website with our Live Chat module

Advanced Analytics

ContactQ provides a cusomizable analytics suite with over 150 default reports and dashboards. Link with other systems for an unified view of business performance. 

Omnichannel Contact Center

With the Braxtel ContactQ Contact Center, every contact is processed through a familiar user experience for both customer and user.

Multichannel Agent

Multi-channel agents and queues enable customers to reach the right agent to handle their requirements over their preferred communication medium.

ContactQ Platform

ContactQ is a multi-channel communications platform. It enables the intelligent handling of calls using a common interface design. Either simple or more complex interactions can be very easily set up to handle external business systems integrations, agentless and self service solutions, inbound and outbound traffic with the inherent capability of being monitored and managed through a highly configurable suite of over 150 Real-Time and Historic Reports.

PCI Compliant Multichannel Recording

Built in PCI compliant recording ensure that no sensitive data is captured. Additionally, recording archiving and encryption ensures that your calls are stored safely, and access is securely restricted to authenticated users, whose activities are logged for auditing purposes.


External systems can be easily integrated into, whether it’s a payment gateway, SMS notification system, client side integration or some other business system – ContactQ provides a method to connect to and exchange information with external systems at multiple levels. Additionally pre-existing integrations are available for Salesforce, QMAX, Cloud9 and others.

Progressive and
Agentless Dialing

Maximize productivity using the build-in preview and progressive dialling modules of ContactQ. Calls can be prioritised, blended as required and outbound campaigns can even be run without agents for activities such as appointment confirmations and alerts.

Advanced Analytics

The Analytics modiles is a powerful feature rich component that enables the visualisation and reporting on historical and realtime performance. Share live and interactive reports or dashboards on any Web-based platform, with an embeddable widget. Distribute your insights and content where it is needed for decision-making.

MultiChannel Agent Console

Handle Voice, Email* and Chat in a single interface.

Functionality, such as making a call, hangup, transfer, conference, hold, and forward all achieved  through an easy-to-use toolbar providing a common user experience for all media types

Flexible Outbound Solutions


Dialer campaigns behave similarly to ACD queues in ContactQ. Agents belong to campaigns and are assigned to them based on time rules coupled with Skill levels. This enables the right agents with the appropriate skills to handle calls. Dialer calls can be easily blended with inbound calls so that callers are never kept waiting longer than they need to be. Calls of any type can be prioritized according to business rules. 

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics provide detailed management information across all channels in real time and over time historically in graphical and tabular formats.

Live Agent Monitor

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