Omnichannel Routing ACD

Contact Centers Need To Be Omnichannel Capable

OmniChannel OCX

Omnichannel Customer Experience (OCX) provides an automated, personalized and consistent journey for every customer by delivering consistency of content through the the appropriate channel.

MultiChannel Queues

Queues are designed to handle channels of any type enabling a consistent experience across channel types. As all media is handled and queued within the platform itself, this enables the entire experience for the CX and internal users to be consistent for the entire contact journey.

Multi Channel
CRM Integration



With the ContactQ flexible UX builder and plugins for integration, there is no limit to how far businesses can tailor the customer experience journey. Integrating business communications with the preferred customer relationship management solution enables valuable insights into customer interactions early on during the contact communication and enables agents to access the data using a single interface.


Call Back

Using CallBack, callers have the option to be able to opt out of waiting in a queue whilst retaining their position in queue. When the queued call back reaches the front of the queue, the system offers an outbound call to an available agent serving the queue.

Customer Service

Product Highlights

Campaigns are designed to be simple out of the box but are flexible enough to provide simple solutions to complex business challenges.

Multi-Channel Queue

Queues are designed to handle multiple contact channel types. Skills and intelligent routing make it simple to connect customers to the right people

UX Builder

The visual UX Builder provides a consistent way to create user journeys across all channels. The most complex of user journeys can be implemented rapidly


Plugins enable businesses to connect to external platforms such as CRMs to enhance routing decisions and information presented to agents


Analyse the performance across all channels in realtime. Drill into your customers engagemenet and analyse how your applications and agents are performing.

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