Braxtel offers partnership options to help you grow your business

Become a Braxtel Partner

Augment your customer base and build new revenue streams, increasing gross profits with our solutions. Our business and technical colleagues will help you to make our partnership a real success.



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The objective of the Braxtel partner program is to develop strategic partnerships based on mutual goals and collaboration. 

Our partnership programs offer various levels to align with your business goals. Each level has a specific set of qualifying criteria including sales, service, support, strategic planning, solutions, reporting and financial requirements. The criteria that determine a company’s partnership level are a function of joint business between Braxtel and the partner. In order to foster vibrant and collaborative partnerships, the criteria are a combination of revenue, deal volume, and annual growth. Partnership level is determined annually in consultation between partner and Braxtel.

We collaborate on and develop go-to-market plans for our reseller partners, with tailored packages that will complement your platform. You’ll lead the services relationship and define how our world-class services team backs you up. Our sales team will operate under rules of engagement with your sales team and we’ll align customer success managers for joint clients. Our aim is a win-win-win scenario.

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