Contact Center As A Service

Designed to meet challenges for service delivery. Flexible options, predictable costs

Contact Center As A Service

Braxtel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a fully featured cloud-based customer contact solution that provides businesses with the communications technology they need without the overhead of a large up front investment in equipment and IT staff. Features and sizing can be adjusted on demand making it a truly flexible solution.

Contact Agent 

Contact Agent connects contacts to the person in your organization to handle interactions using inbound and outbound automation, skills based routing and flexible decision making. Caller information is presented into the Agent Console from businesss systems to ensure that agents are prepared with the information required to help them deliver an optimal experience for the caller


Automation give your business complete control over implementing and optimizing your communication strategy. Automation can solve numerous business challenges, from information acquisition for inbound callers to outbound contact through applications or dialer campaigns. ContactQ offers the flexibility to define automation options to enhance and increase the performance of your business.


ContactQ Dialer supports multiple modes, either staffed or agentless that enable automation. Business can very quickly and easily implement a blended contact strategy with ContactQ. For Preview and Progressive Campaigns, contacts details are presented into the Agent Console in time for an agent to prepare before handling a call. Previewing allows a fixed amount of time for the agent to preview the record before either accepting the contact or postponing it accordingly.


The ContactQ built-in recorder provides an integrated multi-channel recording module as part of the communications suite. A single interface enables calls to be reviewed, exported, flagged for attention and annotated for the purpose of review or searching on keywords. Recording and analysis facilitates Staff Development through coaching, and filters makes retrieval simple, helping to narrow search results to save time.

Call recording takes only a couple minutes to activate and set up. It provides instant archiving and encryption for environments that require it as well as a simple interface for managing the recording retention policy.


The Analytics module enables the visualisation and reporting on historical and realtime performance. Share live and interactive reports or dashboards on any Web-based platform, with an embeddable widget. Distribute your insights and content where it is needed for decision-making. Create engaging and interactive dashboards either by customizing our pre-existing dashboard or build your own. Interactive dashboards help you analyze performance in real time.


ContactQ APIs can be used to integrate external business systems with ContactQ. For instance whether its Agent functionality, automation of administrative tasks, embedding reporting or Call APIs into gateways, there are interfaces available to add which seamlessly integrate your business process with your contact strategy.

High Availability 

Designed to failover with minimum downtime, ContactQ redundant instances are replicated standby systems for your primary Contact Center to ensure they are always online should the worst happen. Intended to be hosted at any location enabling businesses to include their communications systems within their Geo-Redundancy strategy.


Archiving and storage options are inherently part of th product. Braxtel offers storage packages for CCaaS deployments to keep your recordings and backups safe over the long term. Whether its long term encrypted media recording or configuration and historical activity data, ContactQ can manage your business communications data retention requirements.


Multi Channel

Multi channel communication includes voice, chat, SMS, messaging apps or email) and automation.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing enables calls, chats and outbound contacts to be presented to agents using media blending.


Campaigns control Preview,  Progressive dialing or automation for instance Blaster or SMS / Social notifications.


Flexible automation options  enhance and increase the performance of your business communications.


Managament information just-in-time. Link business systems to provide a unified view of performance.


Enhance customer and user experiences into business systems/crm. APIs, libraries and plugins to make integration simple.