Live Chat

Integrate rapidly, be up and running in minutes. Offline capabilities for automation and self service.

Deploy Chat Rapidly

Our central platform for omnichannel routing means that businesses can quickly deploy and blend chat with voice calls, automation and dialler ensuring that contacts are efficiently handles according to your business priorities.

Live Chat Client

Live Chat Client

Live Chat Client helps businesses to rapidly deploy a browser based chat solutions as a contact method. Using the Live Chat Client module chat functionality can be easily deployed within a few minutes into an existing web site. More complex customisation can be performed through the API.


Smart Routing

ACD Queues can intelligently route chat calls in addition to voice calls. A single queue can support both types simultaneously. Call flows can make smart routing decisions to help chat calls reach the right agent efficiently.


Chat Transcript


Chat calls (transcripts) can be recorded using a similar mechanism to voice calls using the Queue management interface.

Chat transcripts are retained for the duration of a recorded session and can be emailed to a user at the end of a call.

Chat users can request a transcript to be emailed at any point during an active call or at the end of a call. When the call is ended a transcript is formatted and sent to the customer.

Quick Responses

Chat responses provide the ability to assign pre-configured Chat Response templates to a Queue. Chat Response templates are predefined replies that agents can send to chat callers. Dynamic elements of the responses can be used such as Agent Names, or customer Form data capture within a call flow that is automatically substituted in a response to personalise the reply automatically. Chat responses must be assigned to a Queue to be available to the Agent Communicator application.


Chat Quick Responses


Both the WebChat client and proxy can be very deployed quickly by embedding some code in the target web page using the default options. Customisations are extremely simple to make.


An API is available for more flexible integrations.

Live Chat Features

Embeddable Client

Live Chat client is an embeddable library that quickly enables rapid chat deployment.

Chat Routing

Chat sessions can be intelligently routed based on form responses and queued to the most suitable agent.


Design user experiences to capture and respond to user data captured in Live Agent

Quick Responses

Agents that are chatting with external customers can repsond quickly with pre-canned responses

Transcript Logging

Transcripts are logged and can be retrieved using the administration console common recording interface.

Email Transcripts

Enable chat users to request a copy of a transcript to be automatically emailed to them on completing a chat session.

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