Customer Service

Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Emotional experiences drive customer loyalty

Excellent Customer Service

The Foundation of any strong Business


Customer service is the foundation of a great business. With ContactQ, businesses are able to deliver measurably great customer service. With sophisticated automation, intelligent routing, management analytics coupled with surveys and recording analsysis, the entire user journey can be crafted, monitored and assessed as part an organizations Customer Service goals.


Intelligent Routing 

Route callers to Self Service applications the right person to handle an interaction using skills based routing and flexible decisions. Present caller information into the Agent Console from businesss systems to ensure that agents are prepared with the information required to help them deliver an optimal experience for the caller

Business Integration

Preparing agents with CRM and business information helps to easily identify the right solution and provide a more personalised service to every customer.

Realtime Insights and BI

Effective service management relies on analytics, measures and intelligence. With real-time reports, agent monitoring, and customer surveys organizations are equipped with the required metrics in real time in order to be responsive to service targets. 


Multi Channel

Mulit channel communication includes voice, chat, SMS, messaging apps or email) and automation.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing enables calls, chats and outbound contacts to be presented to agents using media blending.


Campaigns control Preview,  Progressive dialing or automation for instance Blaster or SMS / Social notifications.


Flexible automation options  enhance and increase the performance of your business communications.


Managament information just-in-time. Link business systems to provide a unified view of performance.


Enchance user experiences with integration. ContactQ APIs, libraries and plugins to make integration simple.

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