Link Business Systems To Create An Integrated Experience

CRM Integrations


CRM integrations and APIs provide solutions for agents offering the ability to handle contacts more effectively and in less time. Call handling control and digital interaction capabilities within the CRM interface, agents no longer need to navigate between multiple applications, reducing both time and effort. Single interface integrations provide a  single familiar user experience to the agents.

Information Presentation

Automatically present customer information from a CRM system on agent’s desktops. Agents can preview and review the complete customer history and interaction context, regardless of the channel.

Interaction Flow Plugins

Plugins are flexible code modules that can be developed by integrators or developers to enable more complex business systems interactions using different protocols – for instance using Web Services to interact with payment gateways, CRMs, SMS gateways etc. Custom Plugins can be requested and provided by the manufacturer.

Database Integration

This feature enables call center administrators to enable call flows to interact with relational databases including MSSQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. The flow editor provides a simple yet highly customisable user interface for creating connections and queries and provides the ability to test them whilst they are being configured to ensure that they are ready to be used at the time they are referenced within call flows.

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